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Developer & Hotelier

My Story

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to a family of Eastern European immigrants. Always passionate about math and technology, I attended the National University of Technology in Buenos Aires to pursue Computer Science and graduated with a Master's degree. I started my first company in my 20's, developing software. In 1997 I decided to venture to the U.S. and try my hand at a new boutique hotel business. What started as a shot in the dark became the adventure of a lifetime.

Since moving to Miami, I have been developing properties in Miami Beach through Blue Road, the company I founded with my partner Jorge Savloff. I've seen the city of Miami grow into the beautiful tourism and business capital that it is today, and certainly played a part in the city's expansion and success. I've worked in acquisition, construction, property management, hotel operation, commercial development, and residential development for the past 20 years. My experience is vast, yet each new day brings new lessons and opportunities. Learn more about my businesses below.

About Me
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My Businesses

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